6 Questions that Guide Spiritual Growth

During the fifth sermon of our True Fulfillment Series, Pastor Brian laid out 6 questions to guide our spiritual growth challenging us to relay on God’s grace instead of our actions. These questions are essential for moving past humankind’s default approach of self-sufficiency.

  • Am I trusting in Jesus Christ alone to mature me?

    This question keeps our focus on the Person of the Gospel.

  • Am I reminding myself that I have already been justified, cleansed and forgiven?

    This question reminds us of the Promises of God in the gospel.

  • How have I been deceived into self-effort? How am I relaying on His strength?

    This question reminds us the Power of the Gospel. It is not what we do, but what God does through us.

  • Am I living out of who God says that I am?

    This question reminds us of the Identity of the Gospel. Our identity (how we see ourselves) produces our behavior. For more about our identity, see Living as a Solider of Jesus

  • Am I focused more on my behavior or the One who transforms who I am?

    This question reminds us of the Focus of the Gospel. The Gospel is intended to transform us from the inside out. It is not intended to simply modify our behavior.

  • Am I focused on what I must do or what Jesus has done?

    This question reminds us that there is Freedom found in the Gospel. This freedom is intended to be expressed not reverting back to man’s ways but relaying on God’s direction.

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