Communication Planning

  • Audience Matters

    Who you are communicating with should impact all aspects of your communication.

  • Vision Matters

    At Valley View, all events and activities connect with our overall vision and strategy.

  • Avenue Matters

    Not all avenues are effective for all audiences. The more places the better is NOT true. You want the avenue to best fit your audience and allow them to respond with an action step immediately.

  • Simplicity Matters

    People are bombarded with communication. Remember to make things simple on your audience.

Request Form

Please give as much information as you can provide to best help communicate what is taking place. From this information, we will develop a communication plan and contact you back with more information.

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    Who is the target audience?
    What? When? and How? (Details)
    What action do you want your audience to do?
    What is the Purpose/Goal of this event?
    What communication avenues are you seeking? (Check all that Apply)

    Please note: Any event that requires someone to sign up. Those sign ups will take place at using ChurchTeams groups.

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