We know these are unique days for you and your family. It is difficult enough for us as adults to process everything happening right now: stock market fall, schools closing, events canceling, sports ending, news reporting, work stopping, the uncertainty of the coronavirus and its impact in the days ahead. We trust you are walking by faith and wisdom and leaning into the fact that God is good and God will see us through this circumstance. We want to equip you to effectively live out a pass on your Faith@Home

It is important to help our children and students process what is happening in open, honest, and healthy ways. In that effort, we are suggesting a few resources below to help you and your family talk about this together. 

First- Make sure you evaluate your specific circumstance in light of the whole. This infographic will help you gain a big picture perspective when coronavirus seems to be closing in on you. 

Second- Be sure to openly address fear and anxiety. Our students and children often process internally. This post by Parent Cue gives you five steps to help manage anxiety and fear during times of disruptions.

Third- Lead by asking questions. This post by Empowered Homes gives five questions to help your family discuss some of the hard things going on in our world. 

Fourth- Try to stay active. With school closing for two weeks, plus a week of spring break the house could start to feel stuffy. Most of us will be staying home, away from most of our friends and groups, and focused on staying healthy. This document lists many ideas to keep you busy while staying home with kids. 

Fifth- Be ready to meet the needs of your children in age-appropriate ways from birth to a teenager. This article from Psychology Today is based on general knowledge of children and helps prepare parents for their natural response and how we can encourage them through this time. 

We want to remind you that you are not alone. Many at the church are praying for you and your family as we navigate this trial. God has prepared you for this moment, trust Him and He will work through you to provide a steadfast peace in the midst of uncertainty. You got this!

We are praying for you!

For more information about on how to impact your home, check out our digital faith@home paths