Faith Talk for August 21, 2016

Restore the Home:
Build a Strong Marriage

Psalm 96:6

“Splendor and majesty are before Him, Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”


In today’s message we learned the key to building a strong marriage is finding satisfaction in who God created us to be. Men are created to reflect strength; women are created to reflect beauty. Rather than bringing the weakness of our need for affirmation in these areas, in a strong marriage each person brings the divine fulfillment of strength and beauty to offer as a gift to one another


The Strength and Beauty of God’s Image (Ps. 24:8; 27:4)

  • What stood out to you about the strength and beauty of God’s image
    you were made to reflect?

    The Challenge of Marriage (and all relationships)

  • How do you identify with the common mistake of bringing your unmet
    needs to your marriage rather than offering blessing as a person
    fulfilled in Christ?

  • What does this look like in your relationships outside of marriage (work,
    friends, school, roommates, family members, boss, etc)?

    The Question of Satisfaction

  • How will you begin to release your spouse (and others) and bring your need (your question) to God for the fulfillment only He can offer?
  • What would your home look like if both husband and wife approach the marriage to offer the strength of their fulfillment rather than the weakness of their need?


    Look up Ephesians 3:14-21. Read and pray through this verse together.

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