Faith Talk for December 11, 2016

With Us


Luke 1: 37

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”


Today Pastor Brian captured for us the challenging circumstances that surrounded the birth of Jesus. He reminded us that although we too have challenges in our lives, God has a purpose for us. It is not about us being able to fix things or figure things out. It is all about us recognizing and relying on God’s grace to redeem our story for His purpose.


  • What challenges do you and your family face this holiday season? Why?
  • Share about a time that you experienced God’s life changing grace in a difficult circumstance and knew God had a purpose for you.
  • Who can you reach out to during the holidays to encourage them that God has a purpose for them as well? Talk about how to do that.


Pray that you and your family would give your challenges to God for Him to redeem not for you to figure out. Confess where you continue to allow worry or resentment to overshadow trust in God’s purpose for you. Ask God to forgive you for focusing on your circumstances instead of His purpose. Commit to believing and living out Luke 1:37 – for nothing will be impossible with God.

Prepared by Eddie Lee Brooks

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