Faith Talk for July 9, 2017

Luke: Jesus for Everyone

The Gracious Father

Luke 15:24

…for this son of mine was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found. And they began to celebrate.


The story of the prodigal son can also be called the story of The Gracious Father because at the center of the story we see the unexpected grace of a father. Today pastor Brian shared how every person, both lost and legalist can discover the grace we are called to respond to and imitate.


  • Which character in this story do you identify with most (younger son, the father, or the older brother)? Explain.
  • How have you experienced the grace of the Father when you felt you were at your lowest point? How did He restore your life?
  • Do you identify with the older brother? How has God challenged you to imitate his grace and love rather than the judgment toward undeserving sinners who return home?
  • In your own walk with Christ, are you satisfied with the presence of God and all the blessings it is to be with Him or are you looking for a party for your satisfaction? What is God teaching you about that?


Pray with those in your home. Thank God for being a gracious father. Confess where you have lived with the attitude of the younger or older son. Ask for forgiveness and guidance into the satisfaction of God’s presence and blessings. Commit to better reflecting the grace and love of our heavenly Father toward those who repent and come home.

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