Faith Talk for May 7, 2017

Catch the Vision

Values- Why Are We Doing It? Part 2


Today Pastor Brian presented the final three of our six values that answer the question– Why are we doing it? Meaning, why are we motivated to accomplish our mission? Our Values are our Motive. We saw a powerful illustration of a building imploding because the foundation was destroyed. As we move through this vision series it is clear that every part of our vision is deeply imbedded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gospel-Driven Families – Deut. 6:4-7
We believe faith that is lived out and passed on in the home is most effective at producing life-long followers of Christ.

Love-Compelled Service – 2 Cor. 5:14-15
We believe the love of Christ compels us to demonstrate His love to all people.

Bigger-Story God – Gen. 1:27-28, 2:15
We believe God has invited us into a story that is larger than our own.


  • How do you see the gospel and the glory of Jesus as the foundation to our vision so far?
  • Which of the three values presented today did you connect with most? Why?
  • How do you see the overall six values being lived out at Valley View Church?
  • How do these values motivate you to guide someone in your life to experience real satisfaction in Jesus Christ?


Pray together with those in your home. Thank God for the opportunity to guide everyday people to experience real satisfaction in Jesus Christ. Confess that you have often lost sight of the vision and motive to live this mission. Ask for forgiveness and for a renewed connection with the values we share. Commit to keep these values in front of you as you live to guide everyday people to experience real satisfaction in Jesus Christ.

Prepared by Brian Stone
Copyright 2017

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