Faith Talk for October 8, 2017


Prove It

Complete Joy

And we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete.
-1John1:4 (NASB)


Today Pastor Chris kicked off our study in 1 John.   In our life, we should live with complete joy meaning permanently full because our joy comes from our relationship with Christ not through our circumstances.   We were challenged to live out our faith in the world to see the existence of Christ by living with zeal, joy, and being in fellowship.

3 ways we can live in the glory of God:

  1. Live In Zeal
  2. Live in Fellowship
  3. Live with Joy


  1. This week, how can you and your home live in the joy of Christ?   Discuss.   
  2. What actions take to protect your joy this week?  What tries to rob you of your joy? Discuss
  3. Why should we live with zeal?


Pray with those in your home.  Thank Him for taking on the flesh so that we can experience salvation.  Ask God to continually remind you of the complete joy only found in Him.

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