Faith Talk for October 16, 2016

Together for the Gospel Joy

Philippians 1:12

Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel.


Today Pastor Brian continued our study in the book of Philippians. Through this passage, we were able to apply three truths. We need to be a church that sees all our circumstances as an opportunity for the greater purpose of the Gospel. Second, we need to grow in humility to focus on the spread of the gospel as our unified body. Third, we need to focus on discipleship so that we can find true joy and satisfaction only found in Christ, which brings us the confidence to live more effectively at spreading the gospel in our everyday life.


  • What difficult circumstance in your life can you see as an opportunity to spread the Gospel?
  • Why is humility key for unity as a church?
  • How can maturing in your faith cause you to experience True joy and Real satisfaction? Discuss ways, as a home, that you can help one another mature in your faith.
  • What keeps you from spreading the Gospel? Why? What can help you overcome that?


Pray that we can become a body of believers that looks for opportunities to progress the Gospel. Confess our need to proclaim the Truth as we continually grow in humility. Ask God to open our eyes to those around us that need to hear the Gospel. Commit yourself to discipleship and maturing in your faith.

Written by Chris Arnold

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