Faith Talk for September 11, 2016

Restore the Home:
The Blessing

Deuteronomy 30:19

I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.


The blessing is about seeing and believing the best in those around us and communicating that in a way that they are empowered to live out who God has created and redeemed them to be. When this happens we are restoring the image of God in the Home as we walk in His blessing.

Five Parts of a life giving Blessing
The Blessing
by Dr. John Trent & Gary Smalley

  • Appropriate Meaningful Touch – I want you
  • Spoken Message – I choose you
  • Attach High Value – I believe in you
  • Picture a Special Future – I see great plans for you
  • Genuine Commitment – I am with you

Take time as a home and have each person write out the blessing you choose to give to someone this week.

Here are three steps to help you:

  • Write down one or two things that you value and appreciate about that person which God has given you to bless. This will communicate they are special to you.
  • Now pick one challenge this person is facing (We all face challenges). Write a word of encouragement to help them see past the challenge to a special future. You’ve shared something that you love and appreciate about this person, (spoken message and attaching high value) and how God has given them strengthen to help them get through even the most challenging times ahead.
  • Now the third step is a statement of genuine commitment. In a few sentences, you share how you and the Lord are committed to this person – no matter what.

Key Action: Give someone a blessing

Now move toward this person and with appropriate meaningful touch share the blessing you wrote and watch God begin to restore your home.

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