Google Transition

A cloud-based work environment is valuable because it allows for team collaboration in real-time across different apps and devices on the same project or document.

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To help with this transition, it will be important that you use As changes are made, we will update/change the links on that page to help you quickly get to the

    What do you need to do to prepare?
    1. Look at the Google Demo to familiarize yourself. 2. Install Google Chrome. 3. Install Google Drive Extension App. 4. Install Google Apps to your mobile or handheld devices 5. Set you default page in google to the following: and
Our email will transition over to G-mail on January 2. On that day, you will stop receiving emails on all your devices. You will still be able to access your past emails; however, those emails will not transition over.
G Suite
G Suite replaces Microsoft Office, Evernote, and


Google Calendar
Google Calendar will replace Outlook.

Planning Center will be integrated with a Google Calendar allowing us the ability to have a true Church Calendar on the website.

Team Drive will replace Dropbox and the File Server.
What files will be moved?

Some files will be populated into Team Drive at the point of transition from both Dropbox and the File Server. The current File Server will be maintained to allow access to old files for some time discontinued in the future.


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