Ideas for Making Connections

1. Stay at home, turn your lights on, hang out in the driveway, and pass out our Treat and Meet candy filled cups to those who visit.
  • Be known as the home with the best candy and as the most generous giver!
  • Show excitement as families approach your driveway.
  • Pass out small water bottles to the adults.
  • Make a pot of coffee or hot chocolate with to-go cups available.
  • Ask names and questions that show interest in building a friendship. Ask which house is theirs or what block they live on.
2. You could create a neighborhood gathering place by setting up a canopy in your driveway to encourage communication with kids and their parents. Some people are setting up fire pits, grilling hot dogs, cooking smores, etc. This is a great treat for those who come to your home.

3. Be creative, take these ideas and create your own. Simply keep your neighbors in mind!

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