Valley View’s Legacy Milestone Center is designed to provide resources to help you as the primary faith trainer in your home. Some of the resources can be purchased from Amazon or CBD by clicking the link provided. In addition, these resources are available at the Legacy Milestone Center at Valley View.

Milestone One: Family Commitment

Birth – Four Years Old

Bedtime Blessings: Volume 1 (Amazon) (CBD)
Bedtime Blessings: Volume 2
The Story of Me (Amazon) (CBD)
God Knows My Name
The Legacy Path
The Big God Story
Seeds of Character-Seeds Family Worship CD Volume 6 (Amazon) (CBD)
Bringing Up Boys
Bringing Up Girls

Milestone Two: Bible Discovery

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

I Can Learn the Bible (Amazon) (CBD)
Faith Begins at Home (Amazon) (CBD)
What the Bible Is All About (Amazon) (CBD)
Buck Denver asks…”What’s in the Bible?” Volume 9 DVD
Read and Learn the Bible
Bible Devotions for Bedtime
Spiritual Growth of Children
Helping Kid’s Pray
Hiding the Word in My Heart
The Big Picture Interactive Bible

Milestone Three: Gospel Foundation

2nd – 3rd Grade

His Mighty Warrior (Amazon) (CBD)
His Little Princess (Amazon) (CBD)
How to Bring Your Children to Christ (Amazon) (CBD)
Teaching Kids about God
801 Questions Kids Ask about God
Big Truths for Young Hearts
The Jesus Storybook Bible (Amazon) (CBD)
The Big Picture Story Bible (Amazon) (CBD)
Before I was Born
Where Do Babies Come From (Girls Edition)
Where Do Babies Come From (Guys Edition)

Milestone Four: Preparing for Adolescence

4th – 5th Grade

Preparing for Adolescence (CD Pack)
Big Truths for Young Hearts
Plugged in Parenting (Amazon) (CBD)
Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality (Amazon) (CBD)
One Minute Devotions for Girls
Instructing a Child’s Heart (Amazon) (CBD)
Shepherding a Child’s Heart
The Spiritual Growth of Children

Milestone Five: Purity for Life

6th – 8th Grade

30 Days: Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teenagers
Lies Young Women Believe (Amazon) (CBD)
Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle (Amazon) (CBD)
The Secret Keeper
Every Young Man’s Battle
Every Young Women’s Battle
Plugged in Parenting (Amazon) (CBD)
Devotions for the Good Girl (Amazon) (CBD)
Devotions for the Good Guy (Amazon) (CBD)
Relentless Parenting

Milestone Six: Rite of Passage

9th – 10th Grade

Every Young Man, God’s Man
Raising a Modern-Day Knight (Amazon) (CBD)
Raising a Modern-Day Princess (Amazon) (CBD)
Men and Women: Equal Yet Different
Baptist Catechism
Age Opportunity
Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild (Amazon) (CBD)
Marvelously Made

Milestone Seven: Live Your Legacy

11th – 12th Grade

Freshman: The College Student’s Guide to Developing Wisdom
How to Stay Christian in College (Amazon) (CBD)
The Reason for God
The Blessing (Amazon) (CBD)
The Case for the Creator (Amazon) (CBD)
Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money
When God Writes Your Love Story (Amazon) (CBD)
The Meaning of Marriage
Defending the Faith (Amazon) (CBD)