Valley View's Legacy Milestone Path is designed to assist parents as the primary faith trainer as they journey through 7 key moments in a child's life. Alongside each milestone is a church event and a family celebration or activity.

Milestone One: Family Commitment

Birth - Four Years Old

This milestone focuses on helping you understand God's role for you as the primary faith trainer for your children and family.

Milestone Two: Bible Discovery

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This milestone focuses on training your child to know and use their Bible. Part of this milestone is for parents to present their child with a Bible during one of our services. This service is followed by a family devotional focusing the family on three anchors of the faith.

Milestone Three: Gospel Foundation

2nd - 3rd Grade

This milestone focuses on teaching your child to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Parents guide their children through our first steps materials and when the child is ready to accept Christ the family does a Gospel Celebration together.

Milestone Four: Preparing for Adolescence

4th - 5th Grade

This milestone focuses on preparing your child to embrace their identity in Christ as a teenager. During a special 4th and 5th grade retreat and our Kiddo Camp, children focus on building their identity based on Christ. Parents are encouraged during this tie of life to plan a road trip with their child.

Milestone Five: Purity for Life

6th - 8th Grade

This milestone focuses on leading your teenager to live a lifetime of biblical purity. During a weekend seminar, parents and students learn how best to walk through sensitive topics of biblical purity, healthy relationships, sexual identity, and Biblical sex. At the end of the weekend, families participate in a Worship Service Recognition including a Purity Ring Symbolic celebration.

Milestone Six: Rite of Passage

9th - 10th Grade

This milestone focuses on equipping your teenager for biblical manhood or womanhood. The roles of Men and Women are important as they grow using their minds to follow sound doctrine and their unique design to serve others. At the end of this weekend seminar, parents and mentors initiate them through a rite of passage.

Milestone Seven: Live Your Legacy

11th - 12th Grade

Ultimately, launching your teenager to be a life-long follower of Christ is our desire as parents. This milestone ends by recognizing the student at the end of their senior year. Parents are equipped to write a blessing for their student in order to launch them into adulthood.

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