As a ministry volunteer you will have a dramatic impact on the spiritual growth of the children you serve. Your relationship with them will be a representation of the love of Christ and what the Christian life is all about. Because of this great responsibility before the Lord (James 3:1) we feel it is important to communicate to you the qualifications for volunteers, the expectations we have for you while being a volunteer, and the great blessings you can look forward to as a children’s ministry volunteer.

Qualifications for Being an Authorized Children’s Ministry Volunteer

  • A great love for children!
  • Volunteers must be members of Valley View Church who attend worship services and tithe regularly.  Volunteers must have six months of regular attendance before serving in Children’s Ministry.
  • Volunteers should be 18 years of age unless special permission has been given by the Minister to Children
  • Volunteers ages 16-18 may serve for special events under the supervision and leadership of an authorized adult (Student Ministry teams (grades 6-12) serve in a limited capacity in some areas of Children’s Ministry under the combined direction and leadership of our Student Pastors and our Children’s Minister.)
  • Volunteers must support Valley View’s Statement of Beliefs and agree to teach according to it
  • Volunteers must have an approved (current) background check on file.

Our Expectations of Those Who are Children’s Ministry Volunteers

  • Pray regularly for the children and families you minister to
  • Be teachable
  • Be committed to personal spiritual growth and involvement in other areas of church life
  • Model the Christian life for your students: 24-7
  • Pursue excellence in lesson preparation and teaching
  • Be Punctual. This means being in your classroom at least 20 minutes before the beginning of your teaching time in order to prepare the room, prepare yourself to teach, and be ready to welcome your students.
  • Be Faithful in attending your ministry assignment
  • Attend team meetings – as scheduled by your department coordinator
  • Develop your teaching abilities

SOME of the Great Blessings of Being a Children’s Ministry Volunteer

  • Joy in seeing children and their families come to faith in Jesus Christ
  • Personal satisfaction in knowing you have done your best to share the love of Christ to children and their families
  • Growth in your relationships with Jesus Christ, your teaching team, and the children whom you teach (and their families)
  • The building of an eternal investment by helping children know and become like Jesus
  • Personal spiritual growth and the development of ministry skills
  • An opportunity to serve others through a lifestyle of expressing the love of God in practical ways

If you would like more information about becoming a Children’s Ministry volunteer, contact our Children’s Minister, Ms. Eddie Lee Brooks.