Apprentice Application

If you are interested in being an apprentice or intern in our worship ministry, please read the following carefully and complete the form below. Thank you.

At Valley View Church, it is an honor to serve in any manner, as we represent Christ and are extensions of Valley View Church.

While we believe God loves all people and that His grace is offered to everyone regardless of his or current lifestyle, we want those who help lead our congregation to model the highest lifestyle standards as reflected in Scripture. We believe Scripture establishes God’s requirements for leaders and that we will be held accountable for those we approve to lead our congregation.

Therefore, if you are a participant in any of the following lifestyles, we ask that you not apply for our Apprentice Program:
• Engaged in a sexual relationship outside of marriage
• Participating in a homosexual relationship
• Engaged in an extramarital affair
• Public or excessive alcohol use
• Illegal drug use

If you have concerns, questions, or feel that the guidelines above disqualify you from being an apprentice in our worship ministry, please contact our staff team and we will be glad to talk with you.

NOTE: Apprentices in the Valley View Church Worship Ministry must be willing to give Valley View Church the right to investigate all references. They should recognize and affirm that Valley View Church may conduct a criminal background check and understand that the results obtained may be used in determining their eligibility to serve in this ministry.
Please complete the form below and submit it online.

Form not yet available. Please check back with us January 22.