Goals and Expectations

For Worshipers.

Our worship ministry has two primary goals for those who attend any of the worship services at our church. First, we want to help inspire people to fall in love with Jesus. And second, our goal is to help instruct them that worship is much more than just singing and attending church. Our worship ministry is not responsible for discipling our congregation in deeper truths about God and worship. Rather, our goal is to be a catalyst which helps spark people’s desire to grow. For example, we pray that people catch a glimpse of God’s glory during our worship services and then hunger to learn more about Him through other ministries within our church–such as small groups or missions.

For Apprentices.

To become an apprentice, one must demonstrate that he or she loves and worships God. Faithfulness to attend services and rehearsals is an important indicator. He or she needs to already be serving in some way and involved in the life of our church. Our goals for potential leaders involved in our ministry are a) to train them in the basic skills for artistry, production, and worship leadership and b) to disciple them in some of the deeper truths of biblical worship. Go here to apply as an apprentice or as an intern.

For Leaders.

To be considered a trusted leader within our ministry, one must first demonstrate certain skills and knowledge in his or her area of leadership. He or she must continue to grow as a worshiper and leader. An audition and application may also be necessary for certain leadership positions and opportunities. Our goals for leaders are to teach them how to better lead on stage and how to serve and invest in others off-stage.

For Overseers.

To be invited to serve as an overseer, one must demonstrate a sincere love for people. He or she must already be pouring into someone, patiently helping that person grow and develop. Furthermore, overseers are expected to “be on the same page” with the other worship ministry leaders. Therefore, to become an overseer, one must first go through the book, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. Our goals for overseers are a) to continue to mentor them in their character and competencies, and b) to help them identify potential apprentices within their groups that they can help mentor—thus involving more people in our process to build leaders!