Legacy Milestones

Welcome to the adventure of leading your children spiritually! As the primary faith trainer of your child, you need to know where you are going. Use this path as a map to discover where your kids are on the path of Valley View's Milestones. Click here to learn more.

Two Conversations

Two Conversations consist of Faith Talks, which are discussed questions based off the Sunday morning service and Group Talks, which are based off each week's life group lesson. They are sent out via email every Sunday afternoon. Take time each week to discuss the Faith Talk and Group Talk. This is a great way to invite God into our daily conversations.

Parent Summit

Parent Summit is a one day conference for parents offered in the fall each year. At Parent Summit, you will learn where your family is on the path and how to lead them to the next milestone. Parent Summit is the entry point to the path and a continuing training opportunity for parents. More information about our next Parent Summit coming soon!

Parent Resources

The Valley View Legacy Resource Center provides resources to help you as the primary faith trainer in your home. Click here to see a list of our recommended resources for parents.

Getting Started: Plan Your Path

  • Understand that your children follow your lead.

    Be sure you are utilizing the tools of the Legacy Milestones Path to be the spiritual leaders that your children need you to be.

  • Determine when the next Parent Summit Is.

    More information coming soon.

  • Take the 2 Core Courses offered at Parent Summit

    Understanding the Path and Leading Faith Talks/ Maximizing God Moments are essential to understanding our Milestone Path.