The Room or Resource I need is blocked…what now?

Step 1

Log into Planning Center

Step 2

Go to your Event

Step 3

Create or Open a Reservation Block

Step 4

When you go to add the room or resource, if it is not available, it will be greyed out.

Step 5

Determine why it is not available by clicking the grey stop sign symbol to the right. Click on the event or events listed to see why the conflict occurs.

Step 6

Is this really a conflict?

If yes,

You will need to reschedule your event or work out details with the owner of the other event to free up the room or resource so you can add it to your request. (This requires teamwork.)

Often times, this type of conflict occurs when you are are scheduling a reoccurring event.

In this situation, you may solve it by simply scheduling around the already existing event. Knowing that you will not be able to meet on that specific night or will need to make arrangements with the other event taking place. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Create or edit the first reservation block beginning on your first date.
  • End that reservation block the day or week before the conflict occurs.
  • Add rooms as needed and submit.
  • Go back into that Reservation Block
  • At the top of the Reservation Block notice the Edit, Reschedule, Copy to New buttons.
  • Hit Copy to New
  • Edit the Copied Reservation Block
  • Make sure to start with the day after the conflict occurred.
  • Continue as needed to secure all the dates of your event.

This can be complicated especially if your reoccurring event happens on a busy night. If you need help, you can use Paul as a resource. (Make sure to work out details with other events prior to asking Paul to help change the schedule.)

Why does this see so difficult?

This is actually a helpful limitation in the system designed to make sure we never double book a room or resource. (Just imagine the chaos of two events showing up to use the same room at the same time.)