How to Request a Background Check

Step 1

In ChurchTeams, go to their profile. Next to the words Background Check click View. If a background check comes up, they have already completed it.

Step 2

Go into “more information” on their churchteams profile under the Risk Management Process Section fill in or update the Leadership Application Received Date

Step 3

If a background check hasn’t been done already continue with these steps: Fill in or Update the Protect My Ministry Background Check Requested On Date.

Step 4

Go back to the profile page, click request next to Background Check.

Step 5

Take Information from Volunteer Form and Complete the Bottom part of the page.

Step 6

Click Submit

Step 7

Under Order Background Check Next to Package Click the first selection “1 County Auto”

Step 8

Click Next at Bottom

Step 9

Under Fair Credit Reporting Act check the box that says “Click Here to certify that you have secured….

Step 10

Click Submit for Background Check

Step 11

Add them to the group: Risk Management in Process and Remove the from the group Risk Management Failed to Complete if they are in it.